If you're like me, time is money and the less time spent banding calves the better!  Before coming up with the TestEStopper, I had problems losing testes up in the belly.  TestEStopper is like having a third hand and keeps balls down where they belong for easy banding!

*This product contains Latex and is not intended for resale.

 Directions for Use: Safely secure the calf in the squeeze chute; properly orient the TestEStopper in your hand so that the prongs are on the top side of the TestEStopper.  Gain control of both testes with one hand and pull downward as you slide the TestEStopper all the way forward above the testes until it stops for proper seating.  You can now remove your hand from the handle to band.  After the band is placed above both testes, remove the TestEStopper.m a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.