Customer Care

TestEStopper is handmade with pride from the highest quality materials available in the United States.  Our goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the TestEStopper because it is ranch tested working on my own calves.  You can have complete confidence you are buying a quality product.  TestEStopper assures no more lost balls when banding calves, goats, or sheep.  TestEStopper is the tool to have the next time you're leaning over the south end of a calf because time is money!

Privacy & Safety

We will never provide information to third parties, because we are all about privacy and safety.  We use Square for on-line credit card purchases with SSL Secure Shopping.  Purchases through Square provides customer verification and package tracking after your purchase is successfully completed.

Privacy is of the highest importance to our business.  With my military background I understand trust is earned and can be easily lost and should never be taken for granted.  Besides, we want you to refer your friends to our site to purchase their ownTestEStoppers!

Payment Method

• Credit Cards or Cashier's Checks